Sketch. Sketch. Then sketch some more.

Sketching is a vital part of what we do here at Landscape Design Studio.
It stimulates the creative side of our mind, keeping us loose and steers us away
from always being calculated and mechanical. Sketching helps us to unlock ideas, see things
we didn’t notice before and to also work through challenges quickly and have several solutions
to show for it.

This practice is probably one of the most important parts of our design process
and is something that is visited repeatedly through all stages of a project. Sometimes we
sketch ideas before we ever think in plan view, sometimes we sketch to push through
construction details, and we always like to use sketching as a line of communication between
the designer and customer. Below you will see sketches with differing levels of detail.
Some of these were shown to customers while some never left the office and were solely for
the designer.

While our company can produce realistic computer models and detailed construction documents,
we will always start with and come back to sketching. It’s personal, eye-opening, and pushes us
to create, which is why it will always be an essential part of Landscape Design Studio.

Covered Deck and Fireplace Cabana Booth Design 2015 Cabana Outdoor Kitchen Fireplace and Bar Water Feature Water Feature Plan Perspective Firepit Overlook Cabana Pool Cabana Axonometric Sketch Fireplace Concetpt Entry FeaturePerspective 08.30.2015 Covered Deck Poolside Cabana cabana