"It's all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work, friends and family."

– Philip Green

About Us

Founded to connect families meaningfully with their outdoor living spaces.

Nelson Byrd founded Landscape Design Studio with the goal of helping Mississippi residents connect meaningfully with their outdoor living spaces. His intention lives on today – the company delights in creating spaces that customers love living in.

Though Landscape Design Studio continues to experience growth, it prides itself on making sure each project gets a personal experience between the customer and our team of designers and project managers. 

Our approach

Creating residential and commercial designs creatively tailored just for you.

Every project is rightfully unique and producing an outdoor living space that is creatively tailored just for you is where we excel.  Utilizing over 25 years of combined experience in design and construction, our team blends with our customer to complete each project.

Through ongoing collaboration with our customers, Landscape Design Studio helps customers transform their properties into an oasis to be enjoyed for years to come. 



Taking what is given and discovering solutions to accommodate your needs.

We believe beautiful spaces aren’t created by manipulating the environment to fit our needs. Instead, we focus on revealing what’s already there and discovering solutions to accommodate your dreams.

“Landscape architecture is the art and science of shaping the land for people to use and enjoy. … Understanding the relationship of these objects to the land and to each other is the work of the landscape architect.” – Eleanor McKinney